Contact My Politician is breaking ground to improve communication on several fronts. Whether you want to know how your privacy will be affected, or if politicians actually receive your correspondence, we are here to provide answers. Should you have additional questions, please Contact Us.


  • What is a Quality Score?
    Scores are derived by a numerical quality score percentile that factors in response time and accessibility to representatives. When constituents send information to their elected politicians and request responses, they will have the opportunity to grade their experience based on the level of interaction. This reinforces transparency between the constituent and the local/national politician, giving voters a better understanding of how well elected officials are engaged. This also provides politicians with insight into areas where they can improve.
  • How will politicians respond to questions and/or concerns?
    Politicians can send written or video responses to comments, questions, or concerns directly through the Contact My Politician communication portal. If they do not respond, Contact My Politician will send them reminders for several days. You will immediately be notified of the responses. Afterward, you can assign a Quality Score to rate the politician based on factors including the speed and quality of the response.
  • Is there more than one way to send correspondence to my politician?
    You can use written communications or videos to contact your politicians through the site. If you request a reply, the elected official can respond directly though this portal. You will be immediately notified about responses via e-mail.
  • Will my personal information be visible to politicians when I contact someone?
    Most politicians require the full name and address including zip code of the constituent before they respond. We will share the most pertinent details of the user with the politician through the Contact My Politician communication portal.
FAQ For Contact My Politician